Urban Nature Project

1sts Prize - Gala APPQ 2022, Small gardens

Urban Nature Project

The family’s greatest desire was to create distinct living spaces in the limited space available. The existing gallery was neither large enough nor adequate for entertaining or even cooking. The available floor space was not exploited at all, and an unused garage greatly reduced the design possibilities.

Challenge accepted!

The large difference in level between the existing gallery and the ground also called for an ingenious solution. To break this difference in level, the architect had to integrate a progressive landing that allows the spa to descend to the ground in a natural way. This intermediate landing also enabled the spa to be laid out more harmoniously.

The right choice of materials

The judicious mix of grey composite on the floor and the integration of cedar for the vertical surfaces brings a unique dimension to this project. Depending on the angle from which you view the project, these two materials will create a different atmosphere. The composite look brings out the more urban side of the courtyard, while the cedar softens the design and blends in with the greenery of the trees.