Architectural Warmth Project

Full backyard landscaping in Saint-Lambert

Architectural Warmth Project

Winner of 2nd prize in the Gardens of Light and Shadow category at the APPQ 2022 gala, this project is a feat of engineering and design.

Our design and site teams worked brilliantly to bring this challenging project to fruition. This is where the expression Think Outside the Box takes on its full meaning!

Architectural Warmth Project

The first challenge

The first challenge was to retain the light in the rear basement, while not restricting the exterior landscaping. The solution: create a huge coping using Boulder rock type natural stone, and build part of the steps with a central black steel stringer so as not to have risers.

The inside of the coping was laid out so as to enjoy a view of the plants in the basement.

The second challenge

The second challenge was a major one: installing an above-ground swim spa in the ground.

By its very nature, an above-ground swim spa cannot be buried in the ground, as its outer walls must be able to breathe and also allow the spa to be maintained. The solution: build a concrete “bunker” around the spa so that it can be placed at the bottom, giving the impression that it’s dug in.

We needed a minimum clearance of 24″ between the spa walls and the concrete walls to allow human access for spa maintenance and repair. The underground circulation area is therefore camouflaged by a composite patio with a custom-cut access hatch for climbing down.