and out.

Our projects are centered on your real needs and your unique lifestyle. We favor a human and collaborative approach, where open dialogue and exchange underlie the co-creation of designs that are unique, thoughtful and, above all, a reflection of you.

Landscaping Outside the Box

Founded in 2009, Eco-Verdure has experienced a rapid and steady growth since its creation. We have become THE n°1 reference in our field by offering integrated solutions for the design, construction and maintenance of landscaping. Our 628 satisfied customers and our numerous awards demonstrate our ingenuity, our commitment to excellence, and our taste for refinement.

At Éco-verdure, we provide our customers with an excellent team of field personnel, hand-picked for their talent and expertise. Our team of 80+ employees comprises master landscapers, site managers, and supervisors, with an average of 10 years in the industry. Our team is truly the cream of the crop, and our dedication to excellence clearly transpires in our projects.

Thinking outside the box also means thinking about future generations. That’s why at Eco-Verdure, we approach every project with a genuine commitment to preserving nature, systematically putting forward sustainable development practices.

Our certifications
Holder of the industry's most prestigious certifications, such as L'Association des Paysagistes Professionnels du Québec (APPQ), the company is also recognized as a Maître Paysagiste. What's more, our installation teams are ICPI and NCMA certified. These certifications impose strict standards to ensure that the durability and quality of our creations meet the demands of our rigorous climate. All our work meets or exceeds the standards of the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ).