Thinking outside
the box to create
living spaces

Having experienced sustained growth since its inception, our firm provides a complete range of landscaping services, all under one roof.

Timeless overflow

3rd place Prestigious Landscaping
The masterpiece of this stunning 360° creation is without doubt the infinity pool! Judiciously raised 1.2m above the ground, the pool wall serves as a railing, providing an unobstructed view of the river. This project won 3rd place in the prestige landscaping category of the APPQ's 2020 competition.

Thinking outside the box also means thinking about future generations. That’s why at Eco-Verdure, we approach every project with a genuine commitment to preserving nature, systematically putting forward sustainable development practices.

5th Avenue Project

Small garden
In the smallest spaces lies the greatest challenges ! It's with a flawless execution that our teams of experts made this dreamy backyard come to life in the heart of Rosemont.

Breeze of present Project

Oasis in NDG
This is definitely what we feel like doing when we enter this backyard: enjoying the moment.
This large-scale project takes place in the heart of Montreal, sheltered from noise and prying eyes, thanks to the mature trees that encircle the property.