The Square Project

1st Prize - Gala APPQ 2022, Innovation

The Square Project

The project itself is a technical feat. In terms of design, the Réflex Paysage team, who worked at the conception and planning of the project, had to be very ingenious in order to integrate all the elements present in this project without contravening regulations.

This is a flawless collaboration within two leaders of the industry !

Maximizing space

In order to maximize lounge space, the dimensions of the composite balcony had to be very well thought out, since it couldn’t exceed a certain limit on the plot. The spa’s gallonage had to be less than that of a standard spa, since the team didn’t want to put a fence around it. Finally, the integration of plants was also important to the Réflex team, and was made possible by the addition of custom-made painted steel tubs.

Integrated design-thinking

Every element of this project was meticulously thought through and measured to maximize space and make it avant-garde. Access to the site and the very small size of the plot were the two biggest constraints on this incredible project. The spa was built over the house and installed using a crane. The equipment needed to prepare the site was able to access the courtyard via a narrow passageway at the rear of the property.