Du Boisé Project

Full backyard landscaping and organic gardens in Boucherville

Du Boisé Project

The watchwords: greenery, greenery, greenery!

The project features a stunning selection of perennials, shrubs and trees, not to mention an impressive edible garden. The selection and layout were carefully thought out, in consultation with customers and the landscape architect. It was a priority for our customers to devote part of the courtyard to the edible garden.

The tubs, custom-made by our carpentry teams, are large enough to allow optimal harvesting depending on the season. The material chosen for the tubs is Western Red Cedar. Finally, it’s hard to talk about this project without mentioning the pool area. It’s a selection of noble, chic and delicate materials that give the pool area all its softness. The pool equipment is concealed behind a privacy screen in Western Red Cedar.

Realization 2022