Breeze of the Present Project

Major landscaping project in NDG, Montréal

Breeze of the Present Project

This is definitely what we feel like doing when we enter this backyard: enjoying the moment.

This large-scale project takes place in the heart of Montreal, sheltered from noise and prying eyes, thanks to the mature trees that encircle the property.

A challenge met with flying colors

The landscape architect met a huge challenge in designing this project, since the backyard gradually rises a few feet towards the bottom of the lot. The use of landings is an ingenious idea, and among other things, allows water slides to be integrated into the low wall. The positioning of the pool becomes crucial in such a project.

Smooth navigation

This little urban oasis flows seamlessly. The circulation between the various living spaces has been meticulously planned. The choice of materials – modern, chic and mineral – blends perfectly with the architecture of the building and the neighborhood. Finally, the addition of an ambient lighting system puts the finishing touch to the design. Mood lighting gives a second life to the garden, giving it a whole new look, as well as extending the warm summer evenings.