Sober Nature Project

Spa, pergola and fire pit project in Bromont

Sober Nature Project

This couple’s habits have completely changed as a result of this interior design project. With conviviality at the heart of their requests, these two professionals can now entertain, unwind and relax in a soothing, thoughtful environment. Whether enjoying a drink with friends or warming up by the fire, there’s something for everyone in this sober natural setting.

Projet Sobre Nature

Basalt stone

The balsate stone used for the floor is part of the natural stone range from one of our suppliers. This stone, of eruptive origin, is comparable in hardness to the granite we all know. Composed of millions of micro-holes, balsate stone tolerates extreme temperature changes and is therefore perfectly suited to our Quebec winters. Basalt’s hues also make it a material of choice for simple, uncluttered design styles like this one.