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Our popular packages

460 $
  • Spring aeration
  • SuperVerdure treatment
  • Lawn treatment
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*3500 sq.ft. and less
The essentials
965 $
  • Spring aeration
  • Lawn mowing
  • SuperVerdure treatment
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*3500 sq.ft. and less
650 $
  • Flowerbed opening
  • Monthly maintenance
  • Fall closing
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*3500 sq.ft. and less

Our Services

In order to enjoy it to its fullest, an outdoor living space needs to be maintained strictly and professionally. Our highly qualified team will meet your expectations and ensure the impeccable appearance of your outdoor spaces. Discover our publications to learn more about landscaping maintenance and our services.
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Our certifications

Awarded the most prestigious certifications, notably the Association of Professional Landscape Contractors of Quebec (APPQ), our company is also recognized as a Maître Paysagiste. Our installation teams are certified ICPI and NCMA. These norms and policies behold strict and rigorous standards in order to ensure the durability and quality of our work resists our harsh climate. All of our operations respect or surpass the norms stipulated by the Quebec Normalisation Bureau (BNQ).

About Eco-Verdure

Our mission is to create unique and well thought landscaping projects which will lead to feel well while you are outside. Our core values are the key to our success; creativity, innovation, team work and our desire to constantly raise the bar is what defines us.

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