Charming garden - Chambly

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Charming Garden

Guests have requested a welcoming and spacious garden to gather their four grown-up children as well as their friends and family members. All the while allowing them to remove themselves in one of the calm zones so that their couple may have some intimacy at different times of the day in spite of all its occupants.

In addition, Monsieur wanted to receive and cook for all these people so practical outdoor cooking was a must. Madame loves gardening and playing around with the vegetable, so fine herbs and edible flowers are at her fingertips close to the kitchen!

A beautiful area to accommodate several chairs for sunbathing. A space to play badmindton has been designed so that the wonderful visit can challenge the owners to a playful game!

And finally, happy four-season enjoyment of the spa that is also located near the fire pit!

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