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Our mission is to create unique and well thought landscaping projects which will lead to feel well while you are outside. Our core values are the key to our success; creativity, innovation, team work and our desire to constantly raise the bar is what defines us.

Constantly seeking the highest level of customer satisfaction, we deploy maximum efforts in order to provide you with an entirely unique client experience, both during and after the project’s completion. Whether you are looking for long lasting outdoor design and construction or a dependable team of maintenance specialists, Eco-Verdure is your #1 choice in everything outdoors !

Our passionate team is dynamic and devoted to our industry and the projects we undertake. We surround ourselves with motivated personnel seeking to surpass themselves, while being team players. We share a collective pride once a project is accomplished, every one of us values and strives towards total customer satisfaction. If you wish to join our team, please send your CV to [email protected]

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